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Family owned one-million acre untouched remote Northern Territory coastal wilderness sanctuary
The Kingdom of Lorella
Lorella is open during the Dry season only, April to September included.
Lorella Springs Wilderness Park is a huge 4,000-square kilometres (one-million acre) Outback Australia cattle station surrounded by the Limmen National Park, Aboriginal land, and many kilometres of pristine Northern Territory Gulf of Carpentaria coastline, rivers and waterways.
From diverse, open savannah, to coastal floodplains, salt flats and mangroves, or escarpment and dense forest, Lorella is abundant with bird and animal wildlife. Historical sites, Aboriginal culture, caves, chasms, gorges and the spectacular, famous Lost City rock formations are just some of the features to make Lorella a destination in itself.
Rhett and his family look forward to welcoming you and sharing their backyard

Have you guessed yet that Lorella is not your usual tourist overnight stopover place?!
Many of our visitors have been here several times, many stay for a few months and many more say that Lorella is the highlight of their travels. And here is why:
Located 15 degrees south of the equator, in one of the remotest and most isolated areas of Australia or even planet Earth, we offer a superb retreat experience of an outstanding natural wilderness environment.
Fronting the Gulf of Carpentaria, just off the Savannah Way, Lorella Springs Station is a virtually untouched one million acre property – a dream retreat with a magical atmosphere of solitude and serenity. It is the final frontier of an ever changing world.
Move away from the idyllic, unspoilt beaches on its 20 kilometres of ocean frontage, past the bird filled lakes, past rivers, hills, forests and savannah lands, climb past chasms, past waterfalls, past thermal springs, up the towering glittering crystalline escarpments, surveying this majestic massive country, and, as far as possible  in every direction, all you can see is LORELLA.
With some of the most remote fishing in the Top End of Australia, this is one of the few properties in the Northern Territory Gulf that allows drive in and access through to the remote coast, making Lorella a unique place in the world. It is that unique environment and ecosystem that we aim to protect and therefore Lorella has a strict CATCH & RELEASE fishing policy (only eating what you intend on eating that night), a NO-TRAPS NO-NETS IN FRESH WATER policy (crab pots still ok) and a very STRICT NO HUNTING policy (all flora and fauna protected).
A small part of Lorella operates as a cattle station, harvesting wild cattle from wherever accessible, but on most of it, until now, no white man has ever trod. You may be the first person to ever explore that piece of the world. The general area is known to have massive mineral riches including gold and diamonds. Giant prehistoric fossils have been found nearby. Perhaps you may have the next dinosaur named after you. Around it is wilderness reserve land, Aboriginal Land and Ocean frontage to the barely investigated Gulf of Carpentaria. There are hundreds of kilometres of untouched rivers, creeks and billabongs. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of bird, animal and plant species across Lorella… some may never have been recorded.
To give you some idea of the magnitude of Lorella: if it had the same population density as New York City, then you would be sharing it with 40 million others. When we are there, there will only be you, and a small handful of other adventurers.
Twice the size of the ACT and larger than many Countries of the World, Lorella is accessible during the dry season only by most outback prepared vehicles, or light aircraft. Read more about how to Drive in or Fly in to Lorella with our exact LOCATION & DIRECTIONS.
Our tourist season is quite short – starting around 1st April, right after the Wet, and goes through to the end of September, when the N.T. starts to heat up. This is when we lock our gates and pack everything and leave Lorella to our wet season caretakers.
Best time to visit us really depends on your interests – whatever your taste, from FISHINGSWIMMINGBIRD WATCHING4WD ADVENTURING or BUSH WALKING, we have enough to keep you busy for a few weeks or even months at a time! Every year we have to update our MUD MAPS to include all the new tracks and attractions that we discover and open to the public. But make sure you do not rely solely on our maps, and stop by the OFFICE for some detailed info and directions before you go on adventure!
With a HELICOPTER based at the homestead, why not see Lorella from the skies? You might spot some country never seen before and will certainly have a different view of how massive our property is!
With a choice of ACCOMMODATION ranging from spacious Deluxe bedrooms to brand new Family Cabins, Lorella is perfect for friends, groups and tours, families, couples and adventurers of all types. CONTACT US to book your accommodation in advance.
Our CAMPING facilities includes a newly upgraded campground at the homestead which extends for one kilometre with acres of sites running down to the water’s edge, allowing plenty of space for all swagstents, camper trailers and caravans to share the harmony of our wild environment without feeling claustrophobic. So select your own camp and relax to the gently sound of flowing water trickling past… or perhaps even fish out of your tent. Please keep in mind that we have two seasons, and two season only: a Wet and a Dry season – so if you want the lush and green please come early in the season; you will not find green grass on the campground half way through the Dry.
Huddled at the base of the Tawallah Range and flowing straight past our picturesque CAMPGROUND & CARAVAN PARK is the beautiful natural, crystal clear, Lorella hot thermal Magical Spring. This spring is the head waters of the pristine and unspoiled Rosie River, which winds and turns about one hundred kilometres through rugged and spectacular terrain to eventually flow through to the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Lorella is an Australian Outback Adventure that will change your life, change your thinking and change your destiny.
So, get lost in this environment, and find Yourself.
We look forward to catching up soon around the fire and sharing our lovely piece of paradise with you.
Rhett Walker and family.

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1 Reviews


4.8/ 5

We loved Lorella. LORELLA SPRINGS WILDERNESS … THE MOST REMOTE AND UNSPOILED PART of AUSTRALIA. 1,000,000 acres, ( Yes, 1 MILLION Acres … Twice as big as the ACT … Larger than many countries in the World ) – untouched remote Northern Territory coastal wilderness sanctuary, unspoiled, family owned and family run. Camping, Caravanning, Fishing, Boating, Bar, Pub, Meals, Accommodation, 1,000 km of 4×4 Adventure Tracks, Birds, Swimming, Thermal Springs, Wildlife, Secluded Naturist Retreat, Stunning Photography, Helicopter and much, much more.

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